︎Giseok Kim
   ︎Web Store: faktor.kr
︎Spatial Semiology

Dialogue- Giseok Kim x Otto Zapf, Collectiable 7th Edition, Brussels, Belgium, 2024
3x3, The Millen House, Amsterdam, Netherland, 2023
Planters- A Garden Show, Cour Presents, Cour, Antwerp, Belgium, 2023
Limbo of Image, Meeseek Presents, N:News Museum, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
The Art Plaza by Ibk, Meeseek Presents, Ibk, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
Book and Space, Urbanlike Presents, Amomento Flagship, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
隱居必品-Coatrack, Gallery Erd, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
Meumee_3D Rendering and Virtual Real Curating, Saga, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
Multi-perspective, Meeseek, Seoul, South Korea, 2020
If I Were Not Your First, Sema Storage, Seoul, South Kore, 2019
Durability & Change, House Musee, Seoul, South Korea, 2019
Incompleteness, NN Gallery, Kanazawa, Japan, 2023
Remained, Pop Hannam, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
Unhide, Alterside, Seoul, South Korea, 2020
<Dim>, Khmun, Seoul, South Korea, 2019
Spatial Semiology, House Musee, Seoul, South Korea, 2019

  ︎Pop-up, Showcase, Collaboration
I Do (Not) Decorate 23’F/W: 03-Seoul Presentation, Mother Offline, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
I Do (Not) Decorate 23’F/W: 02-Paris Presentation, 51 Rue Volta, Paris, France, 2023
I Do (Not) Decorate 23’F/W: 01-Tokyo Presentation, Tokyo, Japan, 2023
The Home Library- Urbanlike Edition, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
Open House Seoul Open Studio, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2022
사물, 시간, 마음, Cosmo40, Incheon, South Korea, 2022
The Earth Room- Amomento 21S/S Collection, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
CTCT, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2020

Elevation Circulation, D/P, Seoul, South Korea, 2022
Chris Ro Solo Exhibition- Thieves Like Us, D/P, Seoul, South Korea, 2022
There Were P In the Picture, D/P, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
Three Perspectives on Architectural Assets, Seoul Hall of Urbanism&Architecture, Seoul, 2021
Koreai Miliő a Másik Tekintetén Keresztül, Koreai Kulturális Központ, Budapest, Hungary, 2021
Factory Edition- Sutome Apothecary, Factory2, Seoul, South Korea, 2020
I Need To Tell You Something, Gyeong-gi Cultural Foundation, Su-won, South Korea, 2020

︎Object, Art, Funiture
Pipe Stool, 2024
Jo&Anna- Huggable Furniture, 2024
Bird Chair, 2023
Aluminum Shelf Series- Tower, 2023
Reel Lamp, 2022
Aluminum Shelf Series, 2021
Tower-Coatrack, 2021
Xy Bench, 2020
A Hot Table and Chair, 2020
Flot, 2019
End And End, 2019
Marking, 2019

  ︎ Aluminum Shelf Series- Comission
     ︎Low Classic Showroom- Lounge, Seoul, 2023
     ︎Dae, Newyork, 2023
     ︎By Architecture Office, Seoul, 2022
  ︎Design Comission- Furniture
A Table For Moonassi & Hwaran,
Moonassi*Hwaran, Seoul, 2022
Dancable Chair,
A Hedonist, 2022
Furniture for Dnas,
Dnas, 2022
Multipurpose Cart,
Amomento, 2021
Furniture for Hye House,

︎Spatial Design Project
Hatchingroom- Seochon, Retail, Seoul, 2023
Nordgreen-The Hyundai, Pop-up, Seoul, 2023
Amomento Flagship, Retail, Seoul, 2023
Tact- Ankuk, Showroom, Seoul, 2023
Magazine B- Hannam, Showroom, Seoul, 2023
Danse, Dining Bar, Seoul, 2023
Papier Prost, Retaill, Seoul, 2023
Saamooram, Cultural, Seoul, 2023
Edition Denmark Seongsu- Mitbore, Cafe, Seoul, 2022
Paik Nam Jun Art Center- Art Shop, Retail, Yong-in, 2022
Our Planeat, Cultural/Dining, Seoul, 2022
Werk Rosters v2, Roastery/Cafe, Busan, 2022
Tact, Showroom, Seoul, 2022
Lee Yanghee- Work Space, Office, Seoul, 2022
Geulwoll- LCDC, Retail, Seoul, 2022
Heesosung House, Residentail, Seoul, 2021  
Taat, Dining Bar, Seoul, 2021
Amomento Office, Office, Seoul, 2021
Peace or Peace, Cafe, Jeonju, 2021
Decimal, Residential/Studio, Seoul, 2020
Quarter Coffee, Roastery/Cafe, Seoul, 2020
Ryul, Dining Bar, Seoul, 2020
Tacit, Cafe, Goseong, 2020
MMCA Cheongju- Lounge, Lounge, Cheongju, 2020
140-1, Office/Cultural, Seoul, 2020
器基陶窯 Qiqidoyo, Workshop/Office, Seoul, 2020
Obliv Clinic, Clinic, Incheon, 2020
Studio Simdo, Office/Studio, Seoul, 2020
Flat-2-, Residential/Office, Seoul, 2019
Werk Roasters, Roastery/Cafe, Busan, 2018

︎Book, Writing, Interview, Magazine
타인의 삶2 The Lives of Others 2, 2021
Ditectory-Issue 07, 2020
Space Magazine 632- Rediscovering Hidden Architectural Symbols, 2020
Wallpaper* Magazine: July 2021 Design Directory Issue, 2021
CA Magazine 246- Studio Simdo, 2019


︎Giseok Kim @gg_giseok
+82 10 2336 4569 imagine.giseok@gmail.com
Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea
Currently based in Antwerp, Belgium and The Hague, Netherland

︎Founder of Faktor(@faktor_kr), Spatial Semiology
  ︎Co-founder of Tact(@tact.ctct), Ryul(@ryul.official)
  ︎Curently enrolled in Master’s Program INSIDE at Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherland
  ︎Web Store: faktor.kr

︎공간의 기호들 Spatial Semiology 

  ︎Officially closed now. (2018-2023)

  Giseok Kim has been engaging in various space-based activities such as architecture, interior, installations, objects, and furniture, based in Seoul, Antwerp, and The Hague.

  After graduating from Seoul Digitec Highschool with a specialization in digital game design in 2008, Giseok completed a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture at Seoul Soongsil University in 2015. Following this, Giseok gained commercial field experience working in branding design agencies and interior design studios, leading to the launch of the solo debut exhibition 'Spatial Semiology' at House Musee in March 2019 and the founding of the space design studio of the same name.

  'Spatial Semiology' focused on constructing spaces centered around movable elements and symbols, moving beyond traditional interior design constraints. Over four years, Giseok undertook over 40 commercial and furniture design, production, and construction projects, completing around 30 commission projects for furniture and exhibition design with clients like Werk Rosters, Amomento, Edition Denmark, and Magazine B. In 2020, Giseok co-founded the natural wine bar Ryul with Seon-ryul Kim and TACT, a curatorial and planning activity initiative based on objects and curation, with architect-curator and gardener Sungkyu Jung. The team expanded in 2021 with the addition of Han Park Hyunjin, Juno Yoon, and Noëmi Orgaer, operating as a quartet until the end of 2022.

  Seeking to expand his practice and gain international experience beyond commercial interior design in Korea, Giseok dissolved the spatial design studio 'Spatial Semiology' at the end of 2022 and moved to Antwerp, Belgium, to launch his second practice, 'Faktor,' focusing on object design and small-scale production industries. 'Faktor' represents an experimental process managing all aspects of the industry from design to production, distribution, and communication on a small scale, embracing the ambiguous boundaries and strict external barriers between products and art, designer and artist, without rejecting them.

  Currently(2023-), Giseok is pursuing a Master's degree in Interior Architecture (INSIDE) at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK), Netherlands, while continuing to expand the Aluminum Shelf Series and adopting new working methods that challenge unfamiliar territories through in-depth research and workshops on various materials, moving away from design-to-factory commissioning.

  김기석은 서울, 앤트워프, 헤이그를 기반으로 건축, 설치, 오브젝트, 가구 등 공간 중심의 다양한 활동을 해오고 있다.

  2008년 서울 디지텍 고등학교에서 디지털 게임 디자인을 전공한 후, 숭실대학교 건축학부 실내 건축 전공 학사 과정을 수료(2015)했다. 이후 브랜딩 디자인 에이전시와 공간 디자인 스튜디오(T-FP)에서 일하며 상업 필드에서의 경험을 쌓은 후 2019년 3월 김기석의 솔로 데뷔 전시 ‘공간의 기호들(Spatial Semiology)’을 계기로 동명으로 설립한 공간 디자인 스튜디오 ‘공간의 기호들’을 시작했다. 

  공간의 기호들은 시공 기반의 인테리어 디자인에서 벗어나 공간을 구성하고 흩어지는 이동가능한 요소, 기호들을 중심으로 공간을 구축하는 것에 집중했다. 이후 베르크 로스터스(2018/2022) 아모멘토 플래그십(2023), 에디션 덴마크 성수(2022), 매거진 비 한남(2023) 등, 4년 동안 상업 공간 및 가구 디자인, 제작, 시공을 통합적으로 수행 했으며 동시에 가구, 전시 디자인 등의 커미션 프로젝트를 진행 했다. 2020년에는 김선률과 함께 내추럴 와인바 률ryul을 오픈하였으며, 건축 큐레이터이자 원예가 정성규와 함께 사물과 큐레이션을 기반으로 전시와 기획 활동을 하는 티에이씨티TACT를 설립하였다. 2021년에는 한박현진, 윤주노, Noëmi Orgaer가 합류하여 2022년 말까지 4인체제로  활동하였다.

  김기석은 이후 한국에서의 상업 인테리어 디자인 중심의 일에서 벗어나, 프랙티스를 확장하고 국제적인 경험을 넓히기 위해 2022년 말 ‘공간의 기호들’을 해체하고 사물 디자인과 소규모 생산 산업을 중심으로 하는 두 번째 프랙티스 ‘팩토Faktor’를 선언하며 벨기에 앤트워프로 이주했다. Faktor는 디자이너 개인으로서 디자인-제작-생산-유통-커뮤니케이션 등의 모든 산업의 과정을 소규모로서 운용하는 실험의 과정으로, 제품과 작품, 디자이너와 아티스트로서의 정체성 사이에 개인으로서 해갈 되지 않은 모호한 경계와 외부의 엄격한 장벽을 거부하지 않고 수용하면서 열린 방향의 작업을 이어가고 있다.

  현재(2023-)는 네덜란드 Royal Academy of Art in The Hague(KABK)에서 Interior Architecture(INSIDE) 석사과정 프로그램을 이수하고 있으며, 이와 동시에 Aluminum Shelf Series를 계속해서 확장하는 한편, 디자인-공장 의뢰 제작 방식에서 벗어나 보다 심도있는 리서치와 다양한 물성의 워크샵을 통해 익숙하지 않은 것에 도전하고 직접 제작하는 새로운 작업방식을 시작하고 있다.