︎Giseok Kim
︎공간의 기호들 Spatial Semiology

︎Selected Works

  ︎On going
Proceed- Giseok Kim Solo show, Cour Presents, Cour, Antwerp, Belgium, 2024
31th May - 18th August, 2024

Incompleteness, NN Gallery, Kanazawa, Japan, 2023
Remained, Pop Hannam, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
Unhide, Alterside, Seoul, South Korea, 2020
<Dim>, Khmun, Seoul, South Korea, 2019
Spatial Semiology, House Musee, Seoul, South Korea, 2019

Dialogue- Giseok Kim x Otto Zapf, Collectiable 7th Edition, Brussels, Belgium, 2024
3x3, The Millen House, Amsterdam, Netherland, 2023
Planters- A Garden Show, Cour Presents, Cour, Antwerp, Belgium, 2023
Limbo of Image, Meeseek Presents, N:News Museum, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
The Art Plaza by Ibk, Meeseek Presents, Ibk, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
Book and Space, Urbanlike Presents, Amomento Flagship, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
隱居必品-Coatrack, Gallery Erd, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
Meumee_3D Rendering and Virtual Real Curating, Saga, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
Multi-perspective, Meeseek, Seoul, South Korea, 2020
If I Were Not Your First, Sema Storage, Seoul, South Kore, 2019
Durability & Change, House Musee, Seoul, South Korea, 2019
  ︎Pop-up, Showcase, Collaboration
I Do (Not) Decorate 23’F/W: 03-Seoul Presentation, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
I Do (Not) Decorate 23’F/W: 02-Paris Presentation, 51 Rue Volta, Paris, France, 2023
I Do (Not) Decorate 23’F/W: 01-Tokyo Presentation, Tokyo, Japan, 2023
The Home Library- Urbanlike Edition, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
Open House Seoul Open Studio, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2022
사물, 시간, 마음, Cosmo40, Incheon, South Korea, 2022
The Earth Room- Amomento 21S/S Collection, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
CTCT, Tact, Seoul, South Korea, 2020

Elevation Circulation, D/P, Seoul, South Korea, 2022
Chris Ro Solo Exhibition- Thieves Like Us, D/P, Seoul, South Korea, 2022
There Were P In the Picture, D/P, Seoul, South Korea, 2021
Three Perspectives on Architectural Assets, Seoul Hall of Architecture, Seoul, 2021
Koreai Miliő a Másik Tekintetén Keresztül, Koreai Kulturális Központ, Budapest, 2021
Factory Edition- Sutome Apothecary, Factory2, Seoul, South Korea, 2020
I Need To Tell You Something, Gyeong-gi Cultural Foundation, South Korea, 2020

︎Object, Art, Funiture
Pipe Stool, 2024
Jo&Anna- Huggable Furniture, 2024
Bird Chair, 2023
Aluminum Shelf Series- Tower, 2023
Reel Lamp, 2022
Aluminum Shelf Series, 2021
Tower-Coatrack, 2021

Xy Bench, 2020
A Hot Table and Chair, 2020
Flot, 2019
End And End, 2019
Marking, 2019

  ︎ Aluminum Shelf Series- Comission
     ︎Low Classic Showroom- Lounge, Seoul, 2023
     ︎Dae, Newyork, 2023
     ︎By Architecture Office, Seoul, 2022
  ︎Design Comission- Furniture
A Table For Moonassi & Hwaran,
Moonassi*Hwaran, Seoul, 2022
Dancable Chair,
A Hedonist, 2022
Furniture for Dnas,
Dnas, 2022
Multipurpose Cart,
Amomento, 2021
Furniture for Hye House,

︎Spatial Design Project
Hatchingroom- Seochon, Retail, Seoul, 2023
Nordgreen-The Hyundai, Pop-up, Seoul, 2023
Amomento Flagship, Retail, Seoul, 2023
Tact- Ankuk, Showroom, Seoul, 2023
Magazine B- Hannam, Showroom, Seoul, 2023
Danse, Dining Bar, Seoul, 2023
Papier Prost, Retaill, Seoul, 2023
Saamooram, Cultural, Seoul, 2023
Edition Denmark Seongsu- Mitbore, Cafe, Seoul, 2022
Paik Nam Jun Art Center- Art Shop, Retail, Yong-in, 2022
Our Planeat, Cultural/Dining, Seoul, 2022
Werk Rosters v2, Roastery/Cafe, Busan, 2022
Tact, Showroom, Seoul, 2022
Lee Yanghee- Work Space, Office, Seoul, 2022
Geulwoll- LCDC, Retail, Seoul, 2022
Heesosung House, Residentail, Seoul, 2021  
Taat, Dining Bar, Seoul, 2021
Water Bakery, Jinju, 2021
Amomento Office, Office, Seoul, 2021
Peace or Peace, Cafe, Jeonju, 2021
Decimal, Residential/Studio, Seoul, 2020
Quarter Coffee, Roastery/Cafe, Seoul, 2020
Ryul, Dining Bar, Seoul, 2020
Tacit, Cafe, Goseong, 2020
MMCA Cheongju- Lounge, Lounge, Cheongju, 2020
140-1, Office/Cultural, Seoul, 2020
器基陶窯 Qiqidoyo, Workshop/Office, Seoul, 2020
Obliv Clinic, Clinic, Incheon, 2020
Studio Simdo, Office/Studio, Seoul, 2020
Flat-2-, Residential/Office, Seoul, 2019
Werk Roasters, Roastery/Cafe, Busan, 2018

︎Book, Writing, Interview, Magazine
타인의 삶2 The Lives of Others 2, 2021
Ditectory-Issue 07, 2020
Space Magazine 632- Rediscovering Hidden Architectural Symbols, 2020
Wallpaper* Magazine: July 2021 Design Directory Issue, 2021
CA Magazine 246- Studio Simdo, 2019

140-1, Office/Cultural, Seoul, 2020

Feb - Aug 2020
Client: Dain Shin

Spatial design: Spatial Semiology(Giseok Kim)
Construction: Spatial Semiology
Photography: Gangseok Lee(1), Giseok Kim(2-5)